DIY Fall Inspired Burlap Pillow

You might remember this pillow from my fall house tour last week (where I promised a tutorial the next day then got too busy to make good on that promise). I honestly feel silly even saying this is a tutorial. This pillow cover was SO stinking easy! But, none the less, I wanted to share this super easy (and super cheap) Fall Pillow Cover Tutorial.

You're going to need -

  • Fabric (I'm using a fine weave burlap)
  • Letter stencils (or good handwriting)
  • A fabric marker (Sharpie will work but might bleed outside the lines a little and may not wash well)
  • Sewing machine***

***if you aren't particularly sewing inclined, you could definitely use a store bought pillow cover and skip the sewing part altogether***

I measured out a 15" x 15" piece of burlap and cut it out, then I wrote down on a piece of paper the words I might want to use on the pillow. 

Then I just started tracing letters. They're not all perfect, the placement could have been a little better, but I kind of like the homemade look and feel, and once the cover is on the pillow, you actually can't really tell. I had a little space that didn't have enough room for a word, so I just drew a little pumpkin on it. 

Then, I just got to color in the lines.

Then I sewed a couple back panels, put it all together and stuffed in a pillow form. See? So easy. Like.... I drew on a pillow and called it a craft. :D

This took almost no time at all so I might be making another one for Thanksgiving, and Christmas...and Valentines Day....and St Patrick's Day. I think you get the picture.

What do you think? Do you think you might tackle this incredibly difficult craft for your own home? 

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