DIY Giant Yarn Wrapped Letters

Alternate titles for this post include: Trial and Error, Screw You Serif Typefaces, and It Took Me More Than Five Hours to Make These. 

All of which are so, so true. I wanted something to put above the boys' cribs that would be visually interesting, but not heavy because I'm paranoid of something falling on them and injuring them. So, when I stumbled across Chelsea's Wreaths on Pinterest, I was like *ding!* Inspiration. So, I'm not really sure if this is a great tutorial. And the steps I'm about to show you are in a completely different order than I did them, because I was figuring this out as I went., which is why the photos are all over the place. They were taken at different times of day, in different places around the house. So here's the best way I found to make giant yarn wrapped letters for above a crib, or anywhere, really. 

Firstly - you're going to need:

  • Letter (I got mine from Joann)
  • Yarn
  • Scissor
  • Hot Glue

Yep, this is a good old hot glue craft. I miss the days of simple crafts. I feel like nowadays, we have to have 16 different adhesives and 30 different kinds of scissors. I'm good with simple sometimes.

First, if you have letters that are a serif type face, you're going to take a serrated knife, and chop off those darn tops. Trust me. I got 3 of the four total I had of these wrapped, and after trying several different approaches to making them look d.ecent, the only one that looked remotely good took probably 50-75 feet of yarn, and about 30 minutes. So, after the third poorly looking one, I chopped them off and reused that yard. Do yourself a favor, and if you have serif letters, sans that serif. 

Now that you have a sans serif letter, it's time to cap the ends. To do this, I just cut severeal pieces of yarn to the length I needed and glued them over the ends, snipping right below the glue so they were scraggly.  

Then, just start wrapping, using glue to keep the yarn pinned down at the ends.. This is a great opportunity to catch up on the DVR or gaze out a window and contemplate life and observe nature (I chose TV...)

 The only couple pieces of advice I have here are 1 - always have the front side facing you, and 2 - start from the smaller end (like in the peaks on Ws, As, Ns, Ms, etc...).

Then they were finally done. Had it not been for my obstacles and my trying to figure out the best way to go about these, they probably would have taken me and hour or less to do, and it was all almost completely mindless wrapping of yarn.

To hang, I just put a nail above the center of the cribs, and used the yarn as a "hook." We hung them pretty high, mostly so the boys couldn't reach them, but they may need to move down a smidge. 

think they turned out really cute and I'm especially happy with the price. which ended up being $20 for both letters and the yarn, after a 50% off coupon at Joann. That's a STEAL.

What do you think? What simple crafts have you done lately? I hope you're having a good day and I'll be back tomorrow with an especially helpful post for anyone with car seats!

Also... this. :)



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