September 2015 House Tour

I'm really excited for fall and the holidays. I wasn't until about the last week of August, then it hit me that I'm about to enter my favorite time of year. I mean, I love summer, but there's nothing like the last 4 months of the year to me. So, before I start decorating and getting the house fallified, (word? yes.) I wanted to do a house tour to show you all of the updates we've made. Some of them have made it to the blog, some of them have not, and either way I wanted to give you a recent virtual tour of our humble abode. These pictures aren't styled, the house isn't perfect. This is just how it is day to day, so forgive the imperfections - we do live here after all!


Outside (front)

What we've done:

  • Added an M (from Home Goods) by the front door
  • That's it. :D

Front Living Room/Foyer

This room has, unfortunately, become the catch all for furniture I'm not exactly sure where else to put in the house. I have big, big dreams for this space, but right now it just doesn't get used as much as I want it to, and that makes me sad.

What we've done:

Kitchen/Dining Area

What we've done:

  • Painted
  • Replaced the ceiling fan with a cool light fixture (that still needs to be centered)
  • Added an island for prep space and storage
  • Replaced the range/oven
  • Replaced the microwave
  • Hung a couple things on the walls - Book Ledges, Eat sign (From Home Goods), Wall Vases

Downstairs Family Room

What we've done

Downstairs Hallway/Powder Room/Laundry Room

What we've done in the hallway:

  • Added a runner to the small set of stairs
  • Hung an entryway organizer
  • Baby-proofed exterior doors

What we've done in the laundry room:

  • Hung a poorly sewn, too small window shade

What we've done in the powder room (for more details on this room, click here):

  • Painted it Chalk White by Benjamin Moore
  • Replaced the mirror
  • Replaced the light fixture
  • Replaced the towel hook, toilet paper holder, and toilet handle
  • Replaced the sink faucet
  • Added a rug
  • Hung shelves above the toilet
  • Hung a corner gallery wall

Back Yard + Patio

What we've done:

Upstairs Hallway & Guest Bathroom

What we've done in the hallway:

What we've done in the kids' bathroom:

Kids' Room

What we've done: (to see our plans for this room, click here!)

  • Added our own curtains
  • Replaced the ceiling fan
  • Removed the closet doors

My Home Office

What we've done: (To see more details about this room, click here!)

  • Painted it Silver Birch by Glidden
  • Raised the rod & hung DIY curtains
  • Reused a lot of existing furniture
  • Added a new rug
  • Removed the closet doors (still need to put up new ones!)
  • Hung a gallery wall
  • Organized office + craft supplies

Master Bedroom

What we've done:

Master Bathroom/Closet

What we've done: (to see more details on this space, click here)

  • Painted the walls
  • Painted the vanity white
  • Laid vinyl floor tiles to replace carpet
  • Added DIY floating shelves above the bathtub and the toilet in the water closet
  • Added a groovy shag rug
  • Removed the door from the closet

In the entire house, we've replaced all of the door knobs & door hinges and we've replace the baseboards and door trim in about 65% of the house, although they still need to be caulked and painted. We replaced the floors downstairs from mismatch linoleum/carpet/wood to a laminate wood that we'll probably have to replace yet again in a year or two.

It seems like we've done a lot already, but I feel like in the grand scheme of things, we're only about 25% of the way to being what I would consider "done." Ah, if only Home Depot gift cards grew on trees, along with time, will, and creative inspiration.

Happy Tuesday!


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