Corner Gallery

We have a small powder room downstairs off in the hallway off of the downstairs living room.

Old Photo. We now have trim! And thank goodness - I forgot how bad that looked.

Anyway, when we first moved in, the room looked like this:

So ridiculously plain. Oh, and you can't see it in the picture, but it was carpeted. **Shudder**

Nothing had been done to it since the house was built and everything in it was the cheapest builder grade 90s-tastic stuff ever. So, it was one of the first rooms I tackled as far as basics go. It got new flooring along with the rest of the main floor. I also put up a mirror I already owned, we replaced the faucet, painted it Chalk White by Benjamin Moore, hung a couple IKEA shelves above the toilet, hung a new towel hook, hung a new toilet paper holder,  and replaced the flushing mechanism in the toilet because it was broken, thus giving the toilet a new handle. Which left us with this:

Looks better, right? Definitely not as plain as it was. Except, on the other side of the room, it still looked like this:

Plain. plain. plain. I knew it needed something to complete the other side of the room, but I needed something for both walls that wouldn't overwhelm the small space, but would still provide visual interest. I didn't want two adjacent walls to compete, so I decided to literally meet in the middle and do a frame gallery that spanned both walls.

Here's how we put it together. 

I started by gathering frames from around the house. I bought a couple from IKEA with this project in mind, but most of these frames were in the basement sitting in my decor hoard. Then I traced the shape of them out on contractor paper.

I used those shapes to arrange everything on the wall before we started putting holes in the drywall. We came up with this arrangement.

We actually ended up moving one of the frames lower, but everything else stayed the same. Once I had an idea of where everything was going to go, I made a list of what size and orientation photos I needed.

When it came to choosing photos, I followed three guidelines

1. No faces. I love my friends and family, I do. But nobody wants to feel like they're being watched while doing their business.

2. All our photos. With the exception of two of the tree photos, which were taken by my cousin of my aunt and uncle's property, all of these photos are my own. Even though there wouldn't be people in the frames, I still wanted it to be personal to us and reflect our family.

3. Black and White. I edited everything to be black and white so that it kept the wall more muted. The more colors, the busier it would have been, and I didn't want it to feel overwhelming. 

So, with those three things in mind, I got to editing and ordered the photos for the wall. I put them in the frames, we (Tomas) hung them, and voila! A frame gallery hung on two walls, making one bathroom feel much more balanced and complete.

Walk with the dreamers" Sign | Mirror from TJ Maxx | LED Candles from Michaels | Hand Towels from Target & Home Goods | Hand Towel Basket from Amazon | Gold Basket from Home Goods | House Tissue Box Cover from Amazon

So, that was our quick weekend project. I'm really happy with how it turned out and I can't wait to do the last few updates to this bathroom to make it the first officially complete room in the house. (Until I decide to change it again...hah!)

Happy, Happy Monday, friends. 


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