One Year Old Favorites

This is such a fun age, and such an involved age. The boys are engaging with toys more than ever (read: not only trying to eat them), and they love to explore new places and things. I though I'd share what we're loving right now and what things are getting pulled out over and over again around here. 

Buggy Bench | Mega Bloks | Babyganics Bubble Bath | Fisher Price Smart Phone | B. You Turns | Rhymoceros | Moo Baa La La La

The Buggy Bench is a Twin Mama's (or mama of kids close in age) dream! It's basically a tie-on second seat for any grocery cart so that both boys can sit in the cart. Taking the stroller out was such a hassle, but also the basket space in the stroller wasn't enough to handle our weekly groceries. This allows both boys a spot to sit, room to put all of our items, and takes no time at all to put in and take out. I think the boys like, too, that they feel more involved with the shopping and less like they're being pushed around to look at the second shelf for 45 minutes.

Mega Bloks have become a huge hit around here recently. Both boys love stacking them (and knocking them over), and figuring out how they can configure them. This is the start to a long journey into Legos here, I know, and I'm super excited.

The boys get a bath every other night and their weekend bath gets a little more special with the addition of this bubble bath. This stuff smells divine, doesn't irritate anyone's skin, and gets really sudsy while also being sulfate free. The boys love to play with the bubbles and think it's the funniest thing in the world when you put bubble beards on their little chins.

I'm not a huge proponent of battery operated toys for several reasons, but I'm an even bigger proponent of not letting Jude and Wyatt play with my phone right now. So, this little Fisher Price phone is a good substitute to them, and some of the songs are actually kind of cute. They hold it up their heads and start saying "Dada! Dada?"

Same goes with this steering wheel. Again, I know it's got batteries, but it has got to be the coolest steering wheel toy I've seen, and it was a gracious gift for their birthday. It has a little radio, blinker lights, and can reverse or go forward. It's a toy that they can play with for a long time. 

And then there's books. Oh how the boys love books. We read at least 20 books a day, on the low side I would think. They love lift-the-flap books, and touch and feel books (like Rhymoceros) but they also love lengthier ones when we read them and especially love ones with good beats or songs (Like Moo Baa La La La). Board books and Indestructibles are the only books we currently allow them to handle on their own, until we can get the whole "be kind to books" thing down.