DIY Peg Board Sewing Organizer

You may have noticed last week in my Home Office Tour that I had this cool little thing hanging on the gallery wall.

Now, I won’t pretend that I’m the first person to discover that peg board can do something besides wrangle screw drivers. I’m definitely not the first person to make it pretty. And I’m certainly not the first to use it for sewing supplies or craft supplies. So don’t file this one under novel ideas. Mmkay?

I did, however, want to show you the steps we took to make this little beauty and what I’m organizing in it. It was really simple, relatively inexpensive, and took us less than 30 minutes all together, if you don’t count the drying time for the paint and glue. 

Firstly, we acquired a frame. The framing department of Michael’s almost always has really nice frames at steep discounts that are without glass or matting, but include the hanging hardware. I’m guessing they’re demo pieces or messed up custom orders that they’re trying to get rid of. Anyway, this one was $17 for a 16” x 20”. (Please excuse my excruciatingly dirty garage floor.)

We went to Home Depot and bought An $8, 2’x4’ piece of pegboard and brought it home. We have a table saw so we cut it ourselves, but if you don’t, or if you don’t want to mess with it, then they will cut it for you at the store.

After it was cut, I put it on a folding table outside with some newspaper to spray it. I took it outside and spray painted it a beautiful shade of Magenta. I live with five males. I need some pink in my life, people. We let the paint cure for two hours before handling it. (And I know it looks splotchy, the light was coming through the tree above it weird, but I promise, it's even.) 

After it was dry enough to handle, we took it back into the garage and used Gorilla Wood Glue to secure the pegboard to the frame, set a half-empty paint can on top, then let that cure for another four or so hours. Tomas was in a great mood. Maybe he was just practicing for a future (although hopefully not) mug shot? 

Then, we hung it on the wall, and I put my baskets and hooks in.

And voila – a solution for my sewing supplies that keeps them at an arms’ length, but is still pretty enough to be displayed!

What do you love to use pegboard for around the house besides tools? I love this small kitchen solution, and this one organizing nursery essentials is pure genius.