Baby Proofing

Jude and Wyatt are on the go and into everything, so in an effort to maintain their safety, and hopefully a little bit of my sanity, we have gone into full blown baby lockdown mode. We baby proofed so much around the house, and I'm here to show you what we did and what we used.

God forbid I take a 5 minute shower while they’re awake, right?

We started with baby gates. Our favorites are these. They are mesh which make them harder to climb than gates with horizontal bars and they're extra tall. Plus, they can stay securely installed while still being able to open and close easily without being in the way.

They can be installed on stairs, doorways, angled walls, and don’t have to exactly match up left to right to work and stretch up to 55 inches. The only problem we’ve had is that the mesh came apart from the frame on the gate for the downstairs living room, but we were able to get a replacement through Amazon and all is well with the world. We have chosen to keep the small set of stairs open since the boys can navigate them really well by themselves.

We used the simple plastic outlet covers to cover every single lower outlet in the house. But for plugs that already have things plugged into them, we purchased covers so that they can’t unplug things. 

We used these corner guards for any low enough corners that they could bump their heads.

For cabinets, we decided to go with magnetic cabinet locks. I know they’re kind of pricey but they are so worth that cost. They require a key to unlock the magnet, which means the cabinets can’t be opened at all UNLESS you UNLOCK them. That’s my favorite feature, because after bedtime, or when the boys are elsewhere and I’m putting the dishes away, or when I’m getting ready in my bathroom alone, I can unlock them and don’t have to use the key to open them all the time. 

For drawers, we decided to go with catch locks. They keep most everything contained since we don’t keep small stuff in the lower drawers, and it keeps the boys from hanging off of them or trying to do pull ups on them while open.

Our oven has a lock on the control panel that locks the buttons and the oven door, but we have a warming drawer on the bottom that can't be locked by the oven controls and the boys love to open it, put things in it, and play with it. So I bought this to keep it closed when not in use.

We used the same clasp lock to keep them from opening the trash can in the kitchen, although they’ve taken to trying to knock it over, so I may have to secure it to the wall somehow still.

For interior doors that we don’t want the boys to be able to open, even though they are not trying to open the doors yet, we installed these door handle locks. We purchased both screw-installation and 3M Adhesive ones. Only time will tell which is our favorite. 

For exterior doors, even though they all have their own locks, we decided to install flip locks from Home Depot just for extra reassurance that the boys would stay in the house even once they figure out handles and knobs. 

For furniture, we bought these straps to secure it to the wall. Things like TV stands, dressers, tables, stuff like that. And for out TVs, we bought TV specific wall straps on Amazon to secure them to the wall.

And that’s about it. I mean, I know it’s a lot, but I’m done showing you pictures of the different ways I’ve kept my babies out of harms’ way, and in some cases, kept my stuff from the baby tornadoes.

Looking back at this post now it seems like we went kind of overboard, but I’ve seen what these kids are capable of, and even with two of us, but especially when I’m by myself, I can’t keep up with both of them all the time. I do keep all of my eyes on them, but sometimes I could use a hand. And that’s why these products were made – to give moms like me a little bit of a fighting chance.

What about you? Did you baby proof the heck out of your house like we did? Did you just let you baby roam and watch them like a hawk? Somewhere in between? Let us know! If you have other favorite products, be sure to link them below and share with your fellow moms!