Clean Bathroom

Thursdays are bathroom days, and while I don’t necessarily look forward to scrubbing tile and toilets, it goes pretty quickly and doesn’t take too much effort as long as I keep up on it weekly. But all three of our bathrooms are on different levels of the house so I have three options as far as all the cleaning supplies that I need for cleaning the bathroom.

I can 1. Carry them all around with me as I clean. Just, no.

2. Keep a separate set in all of the bathrooms and try to make space for it. Hah. Good luck.

3. A cleaning caddy.

It allows me to tote everything around the house super easily and I don’t have to buy three sets of cleaning supplies. Score.

So – here’s what I keep in it.

Paper Towels | Scrub Pad | Jar for Rinsing | Microfiber Cloths | Terry Cloths

There are tons of things I could add to this bucket to make it over-crowded. But since I clean the bathrooms once a week, I rarely need heavy duty tools or extra cleaners. Aside from the new shower cleaner I’m trying, all of these products are ones I’ve been using for a long, long time and love them. They’re safe for my family and very effective.

And here’s a few tips to help keep your bathroom clean between cleanings:

-          Keep the floors clean. Dirty laundry should have a hamper. Towels should be hung up. Except for the mat and trash can, keep it off the floor.

-          The counters should also stay clean. Soap and toothbrushes are fine. But put stuff away after using it and wipe up the spills before you leave the room.

-          Don’t let the trash overflow. My mom taught me the trick of always keeping a few spare trash bags at the bottom of the can underneath the bag being used. That way, you can empty the trash and replace the bag in one stop.

-          Don’t hoard products. You don’t need 8 bottles of mousse. Nor do you need 6 different kinds of shampoo. Wait until you’re done with the current bottle, then try something new.

-          Keep makeup corralled. I like this system from Target.

-          A salt shaker with baking soda in it helps keep it smelling fresh. Change monthly. And use a little essential oil if you want a boost of scent.

-          Keep the family involved. You use the bathroom, you help keep it clean. A checklist by the light switch will help remind people to clean up after themselves.