Stocking Stuffers for Him + Her

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If you haven't heard, we're moving! We are going to Seattle so Tomas can follow his dream job. You can read more about it in this Instagram post. So while we're in the middle of this process, please forgive me if I'm a little but of a space cadet and not so consistent with blogging. Cross country moving is not for the faint of heart, guys.

Anyway - let's talk more stocking stuffers! You can read my guide for the littles from earlier this week here. And now it's time to talk about us. Well us and our guys. I mean... I guess you could be a guy couldn't you? In any case - stocking stuffers, for both dudes and ladies. Cool? Cool.


And when I say him, I mean stuff that my husband would like. He's not exactly an outdoors/sporty kind of guy, so this is mostly nerd stuff he'll love. :D

1. Card Game. We LOVE the Fluxx series of games. They're for 2+ people so we can play them just the two of us or with a crowd, and every game is different. No boards or pieces to worry about. And every version of the game turns out totally different. I personally like Star Fluxx, but there are tons to choose from. If you're Cards Against Humanity fans, the expansion packs are always a lot of fun, too. Or even just a good ol' game of Skip Bo

2. Boxers. I have a tradition of putting a pair of boxers in Tomas's stocking every year. What guy doesn't need boxers? And you can always make them festive or themed. 

3. Multi Tool. These things are amazing to have around. Keep one in your car, your work desk, your kitchen junk drawer, your tool bag, your diaper bag.... okay maybe not your diaper bag. Or maybe yes to the diaper bag? Anyway - these are awesome. And we all know DeWalt does everything best. 

4. Something to Read. I highly recommend The Martian! I recently read it for Book Club and it was amazing. I haven't seen the movie yet but I can't wait. Anyway, even if your man isn't into Science Fiction, there are always great new books to read. And if your guy is more keen on the digital version of books (mine is), a Kindle gift card is always a great option.

5. Device Stand. This 3D Printed one is way cool and minimal but works with all kinds of devices from phones to larger tablets. And it's small enough it will fit in a pocket or a laptop bag with no bulk. Win. 

6. Sweet Treat. I just learned about Bacon Boxes. It's boxes of artisan bacon in the shape of a bouquet. Yeah. I mean, I know the dudes will LOVE this, but I'm drooling over here. They have chocolate dipped bacon roses, y'all. **dead** (Pssst. Use code BACONONE for 10% off your order!)

7. Funny Mug. This mug is hilarious. And doubles as a whiskey glass! 

8. Cool Accessories. These bow ties are seriously stylish and bonus points - proceeds go to a good cause! Ties, tie clips, cufflinks... all things that make great little stocking stuffers.


*cough* pay attention Tomas *cough*

Stocking Stuffers for Her.jpg

1. Costmetics. Essie nail polish, The Urban Decay pallets, a smallish (or largish) set of Sigma makeup brushes. All great things and compact - perfect for stockings. 

2. New Wallet. I love wallets. Love them. They're like this fun little treasure inside of your purse that can make its own little statement. This hot pink Kate Spade one is to DIE for, but Madewell also makes some nice, more neutral ones, and you can always look at Target if your gal is someone that likes to switch often and isn't too hard on them. 

3. New Planner. 2016 is SO close, guys! And we'll be making plans for January really soon if we're not already. I love a beautiful planner, and these are just beautifully designed inside and out while also being functional. 

4. Smart phone camera lenses. These are a great way to elevate iPhone photos on the go! You can keep it in your purse and really up your Insta game without lugging around a DSLR and card reader all the time. ;) 

5. Magazine Subscription. I love to read books, I do. But I really love Magazines. They're one hour start to finish and I always feel so inspired after reading one. I love to bookmark pages that I love the most and I keep them for years to reference over and over again. Real Simple is by far my favorite! Tip: Grab one off the stands to put in the stocking, then get the annual subscription so they don't have to wait until January to enjoy their gift, 

6. Mask. This mask is amazing and I have tons of friends who love it, too. It's cheap cheap cheap, and super effective. It lasts forever, too, so this could be an annual stocking staple for your lady. 

7. Chocolate. Duh.

8. New Phone Case. I love the designs that Zazzle offers and they're almost all done by small, independent designers. This watercolor one is just beautiful and really timeless, too. 

9. Raising Tiny Humans Is Exhausting (r) Mug. This is my favorite mug to drink out of (and apparently Wyatt's too!) and every time another mom friend sees it or someone on the internet sees it, they fall in as much love as I have. I use it probably 4-5 times a week and it's held up amazingly to the dishwasher. 

Whew! You get through all of that?! Stay tuned this weekend because there might be a special little surprise on Instagram (@SaraDearBlog)! (hint hint nudge nudge elbow elbow)

Happy Friday and Happy Weekend! 

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