Welcome to Washington!

We're working, slowly but surely, to restore some normalcy back into our lives. This move, while a huge blessing, has also thrown us for about a dozen tangled loops and we have been feeling quite out of sorts and very ready for the settled feeling we're so used to in our life. 

Right now, we are in temporary housing. It's basically an apartment that a third party company is furnishing and maintaining for us while we figure out a more permanent place to live. This whole move was amazingly funded and arranged by Microsoft.  It's all very orderly and has all been very hands off for us, which is kind of weird. We're used to doing things ourselves, and I'm used to being the organized one in every situation. Trust me - I have not been the organized anything in any of these situations. I was really good until the weekend before we moved. But then it got down to final going away gatherings, Christmas shindigs, and gallivanting all over Colorado for those things. Then the next thing I know, Monday morning arrived and thus the crew arrived to pack our goods, and there I was still throwing my clothes into a suitcase (which had arrived the night before) and gathering diapers and blankets for the boys. It was mess. I was a mess. But we made it. 

We took three days to get here, leaving Colorado on Christmas Eve. By the way - nothing is open on Christmas Day besides Denny's. And you can only handle so much Denny's in one day (as in, none. It was gross). Anyway, we went west to Salt Lake City, then onto Boise, then onto Bellevue, Washington which is where we are living right now and where Tomas's office is. 

As much as I'd love to say we're absolutely loving it here, I'm honestly feeling a little home sick. Not really for Colorado, but more for the feeling of being home. We've never been in an apartment before so this was a huge change for us and it's pretty inconvenient with the dogs and the babes. And I miss my stuff. My bed, my Keurig, our clothes, our TV. And even though this apartment comes with basically everything you might need, I feel weird cooking in pans that aren't mine and showering in a shower that's not mine. It feels like a glorified hotel and while that could be fun for a while, it's mostly just making me anxious to find our place to live and get settled. BUT we do live in a very walkable area so that's really fun. There's a big park really close and we're close to Bellevue Square and in Old Town Bellevue so there are lots of fun places to go and explore and grab lunch or coffee. 

Speaking of where we're going to live. We don't know yet. hah! We're working on it, really hard, to find a place. And we were really up in the air about whether we wanted to buy or rent. In addition to never having been in an apartment before, we've also never rented before. And while that's a foreign concept to us, we decided we're going to rent a house for at least a year or two. And it's simply because we've never been here before. We don't want to put down big 30-year mortgage roots into somewhere we're not 150% sure about. The next house we buy, whenever we buy it, is going to be our forever home, or so we hope. We have big plans to find the perfect house for us, to completely renovate it to make just right for our family, then live there forever. Because let's be honest, Tomas isn't planning to leave Microsoft. So whenever we do put down roots, they're going to be on the right property, in the right place, at the right time. And right now, I don't even know how to get to Target (even though I've already been there twice), much less where I want to live for the rest of my foreseeable life.  I will, of course, keep you updated as we find a place and as we're making our transition.

Also, we are now a one car family! Tomas sold his car (which needed trading in anyway) before we left and we've decided to just be a one car family. The public transit options here are really great and it makes more sense economically and environmentally for Tomas to commute with public transit (and he can of course take the family car when he needs to). 

And one more thing - our house in Colorado! We are under contract! It went on the market on New Years Eve. We ended up with tons of showings and multiple offers and we are now under contract due to close around the end of January! So glad to be one step closer to feeling like we can actually get on with our life here in Washington and start feeling settled (hopefully).

Other than those things, we're doing well. The dogs did pretty well on the road trip. The boys did even better. Thank goodness for movies and new toys and snacks! They're doing well with the apartment and with sleeping in pack'n'plays. The first day after we got out of the car was rough because they were both tired and anxious and we were in a new time zone, but all that is quickly evening out and we're adjusting back to our old routine again.

We are lucky enough to have a couple of friends out here. One being an old friend that I've known since high school and one friend who has a little boy that's Jude and Wyatt's age and is due with twins in May! So it's been really great to have connections here. We also signed the boys up for a co-op preschool that starts Friday. It's a parent involved class that I think will be good for all 3 of us and give us a way to get some guided curriculum as well as some much needed adult interaction and an opportunity to meet other parents in the area with kids the same age. 

We really are excited to be here. I've been on a roller coaster of emotions, feeling everything from severe anxiety, to home sickness, to feeling like a badass when I make it Target without getting lost, to pride because of this huge amazing thing Tomas earned, and excitement for all of the newness in our lives right now. I signed the boys up to start co-op preschool next week which I think will be good for all of us (it's a parent involved curriculum so I'll be with them!), and we are getting the chance to meet with previously-long distance friends which is amazing! I miss my bed and I miss our family and friends, I miss knowing where things are, and I'm sure eventually I'll miss that bright ball in the sky (although it's been really sunny here so far!).

But all those things aside, and above all else, we're grateful to be here and we're glad to starting a new chapter of our lives in the Evergreen State.  And I'm ready to be back here blogging and sharing our lives and home and all that fun stuff with you. Happy New Year. Here's to an awesome 2016!

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