We'll Be Back

Blog posts have been really sparse. I know that, guys. And I'm sorry for that. The truth of the matter is that we just have our hands over full right now. This move is a hugely busy thing for us with the actual moving of everything, getting the house ready to sell, saying our good byes, celebrating Christmas early, all with Jude and Wyatt who are busy busy bees. It's just so much for us to juggle that has me left with little time to barely keep up with everything.

That being said, I'm taking a little break from Sara Dear. Not forever and not for long. I will try to be up and running again around the first of the year with lots of new content and updates and all the goodies you keep coming back for (for which I am eternally thankful!).

So Thank You. Thanks for being patient with me through this, thanks for your continued love and support and kind words, and thanks for being you and being my reader and making this blog what it is. I stay pretty active on Instagram (@SaraDearBlog) so be sure to follow me there to keep in touch during this short hiatus.

Happiest of all the holidays to you - whatever you celebrate! And I'll be seeing you in 2016! <3

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