Stocking Stuffers for the Littles

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Tis the season to be filling bags and packages and wrapping them until you run out tape then wrapping everything else in the $1 scarves you got on Black Friday last year but forgot about until this year but hey now you have creative wrapping paper! And also - crap! Stockings! What do I do for stockings? Erm.... here's some gum and some makeup I found on an end cap on my way back to the wine aisle, and socks - everyone needs socks! 

Stockings are actually my favorite part of Christmas. They always have been. It's such a fun challenge to find unique items that are both useful and lovely, all while being small enough to fit into a glorified sock. So instead of a gift guide for things under the tree, I thought it would be fun to share the things I'm eyeing for our stockings this year - the little unexpected, sometimes whimsical, sometimes plain practical, pint sized goodies waiting for us by the fire.

Today, let's talk about stuffers for the littles. Toddlers are hard to stocking shop for. For one - small things are a little frowned upon for tiny humans, and two finding useful items for a toddler is like choosing between coffee and wine - seemingly impossible but doable with some discerning. So, without further ado - here's what's on Jude and Wyatt's stocking stuffer list this year. 

1. Oxo Tot Flippy Cup. I always like to include a snack or sweet treat in a stocking and with the babes that gets a little tricky. Last year I got them their first Puffs, but this year they have a much wider range of munching capabilities. Still, they're messy, and like I said in this post, we really love our snack cups. So I think I'll grab another set for them and fill them with something sweet, perhaps our favorite Annie's Oatmeal Cookies (which I definitely eat myself).

2. Bath Crayons. The boys are starting to really love drawing and I love that these are as mess-free as possible. They wash off, there are no clothes around the get stained, and they make bath time (which the boys already love) even better.

3. Mini Magna Doodle. You can always get the larger ones (and I think I probably will for under the tree) but I love this mini size for an on-the-go activity. These are great for car seat entertainment and to keep todds busy while waiting for food at a restaurant. They're small enough to pop into a purse on the way out the door, but big enough to actually do something more than draw one letter.

4. Personalized Name Puzzle. How CUTE is this? Seriously. Perfect for give them something personal while also being educational. And it's a fun keep sake for years to come.

5. Slippers. I don't know what it is about baby shoes that kill me, but I die. These adorable little loafer slippers are seriously the cutest and will help keep toes warm during the cold winter months.

6. Board Books. I've been loving these BabyLit board books that take classic novels and make them into board books for littles. They're so cute and I'm always in favor of more books.

7. Stacking Rings. Classic toy, but small enough to fit into a stocking and yet another thing that might be a good entertainer for restaurant waiting. 

And that's it! I mean, there's only so much you can fit into a stocking before it's a safety hazard and falls on someone's foot. Tell me - what do you have on your stocking stuffer list for your little this year? Do you have any fun traditional things you always put in stockings? Stay tuned over the next couple of days for His & Hers Lists as well! 

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