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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. As long as you can see, right? Well I'm happy to report I can see! Now, anyway. With long running vision problems, and then with pregnancy/breastfeeding hormones, my eyesight really took a turn for the worse over the past couple of years. I'm fine with distance, but as the day goes on and my eyes get more tired, near vision is really tough for me. I've had countless pairs of glasses. And even after vision insurance they were $200+ a pop, and none of them worked for me. None. The frames were uncomfortable, the prescription was too strong, etc. etc. So I have almost $1,000 in unusable glasses sitting in my closet. ouch. 

But it's okay. I can sell some of them, and Tomas might use one pair for his next frames. So I'm not upset about it. What I was upset about was not being able to read. But at my recent annual retinopathy check (Type 1 Diabetes, remember?), my ophthalmologist took an extra 30 minutes for my appointment and finally helped me get the right prescription. The only thing is, he doesn't sell frames. Anywhere I've gone before was kind of a whole kit and caboodle type place where you got your exam, went to the lobby, picked your frames, paid them an arm and waited 2 weeks for your frames to arrive. So, I had a prescription but no glasses. "Cool?" I thought when he handed me the paper. "Now what?"

I'll tell you what - Warby Parker. They're an online (and in store in a few locations - see locations here) and they changed my glasses wearing life. Seems dramatic, but no, seriously, they are awesome and I wanted to share my experience with you so that maybe your glasses wearing life can be changed.

First step - get a prescription. If I can offer any advice here, it's to go see an ophthalmologist. Firstly, it's usually billable to medical insurance instead of vision. And secondly, they really know their stuff when it comes to eyes. They can help with muscular problems in your eyes, focusing problems - lots of things that really need a specialist. Now I'm not bashing optometrists, I just suggest you go to an ophthalmologist at least once in your life.  

Next step - go to their Home Try-On Page. Yeah - Home Try-On! Even though they're an online retailer, they understand how important it is to try on your frames and make sure you like them on your face. I went in knowing I wanted retro-esque frames, but not costumey. I didn't want stark black frames (too much against my erm...porcelain complexion), and I wanted them to be kind of wide to look balanced on my face. Oh - and I wanted larger lenses so the frames didn't get in my view. You can choose up to 5 frames at a time to add to a FREE Home Try On box, and in 5 days, they'll send your selected frames. 

Then, try them on! And take selfies. So many selfies. Like high school sophomore number of selfies. And show your friends, preferably the really honest ones.


Chamberlain | Laurel | Sullivan | Vaughn | Brooks

And if you want, share those selfies on Social Media with #WarbyParker. They'll help you decide which frames are best, and you can see how they look on other people, too. Don't like those five? Return them and order five more. Lather, rinse, repeat until you find the perfect frames for you.

Step two - Choose Your Frames. I ultimately chose Laurel because not only did I feel like I looked good in them, they were incredibly comfortable. And overall, I'm really impressed with the comfortability of Warby Parker's glasses. Usually, glasses this size and made of plastic are incredibly heavy and feel bulky. Not these. They're super light and the nose space isn't too narrow and I don't see frames when I look up or down. thank goodness for that. The best thing about the home try on program is that you can take them for a better test drive than you can in store. Like, literally, I went and drove in them. I also cooked with them on, wore them while playing with the boys, and did some blogging and reading in them. After all that, and realizing they were really comfortable and felt natural to wear, I sent my testers back with the pre-paid label, and I ordered my very own pair.

Which brings me to step three. Order those frames! You have a few options for doing this. After you add your selected frames to your cart, they'll ask for your prescription. You can either send them a digital scan, fax it, or take a photo. Or they'll call your doctor's office for the prescription for you. Easy as pie, except soon you'll be able to read the recipe. The best part? My glasses cost me $95. Free shipping both ways, and that included scratch resistant, glare resistant lenses. That's with no insurance help (though they do take FSA as payment if you so choose). I have never, in my life, left from getting glasses without having spent at least $200, after insurance. Even tri-focals with all the bells and whistles are like $300 at most. Guys - that is nuts! 

Then, in up to two weeks (mine took right at a week), your frames will arrive in your mailbox, ready for your viewing pleasure! No going back to the doctor to pick them up. And if you need them adjusted, do so locally and professionally. Warby Parker will reimburse you up to $50 for the cost of adjustment. Yes, really. I ain't joshing. Even a little.

Overall, I could not be happier with Warby Parker and I don't have any complaints, at all. And trust me, if I have something to complain about even a little, I will. :D I even had amazing customer service from them when I had a few questions. They were prompt to answer and I actually got a real person to speak to about my concerns. whaaaaat?

And here's the coolest part. Yeah - there's more! For every pair of glasses bought at Warby Parker, a pair is donated to someone in need. So you're not just using a really cool service and getting affordable eye wear, you're also helping people out who need it most. That in itself makes me want to use Warby Parker forever. 

So, needless to say, I think you should give it a try. I can't imagine ever buying from another glasses company ever again. And since they sell both mens and women's optical AND sunglasses, I don't think I'll ever have to.

So tell me, what do you think? Have you tried Warby Parker? Are you going to, now? If you try them out, snap a selfie and tag me on Social Media. (@SaraDearBlog everywhere!) I'd love to see! You have nothing to lose, right?!

To learn more about Warby Parker, click here.

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