Our Thanksgiving Table

Like I said last week when I told you all about our Thanksgiving Menu for this year, we are hosting Thanksgiving for our first time ever! And it's so exciting! I actually started some of my grocery shopping this week which is going to take a lot of the stress off next week when all I have to get is vegetables. Plus, Tomas is taking the entire week off to have some much needed family time, and his grandmother is coming into town next weekend. So I'm super excited for this kick off to our holiday season and now that I have a plan for our table, I'm even more excited!

We'll be hosting 11 of us altogether next week. Jude and Wyatt will sit in their high chairs so the able will seat 9. Our round table in the breakfast nook just won't accommodate that many people, plus all of the food and stuff has to have somewhere to go. So we decided to set up a big table in the front living room and have everyone sit together in there. (See our latest house tour here to get a better idea of the space.) We are selling all of that furniture this week anyway, so the room will nice and open and have plenty of room for everyone to sit together as a family and have Thanksgiving dinner.

Since we're borrowing the chairs from the round table, it'll be the perfect place to set up a buffet for everyone to get their food, and then the kitchen can contain all of the drinks, dinner, and dessert.

Now - onto the table. The real reason you're here, right? I told you I was going to be doing this on  a major budget. And trust me, I have. While I love a beautifully done table, with Christmas coming up, it just wasn't practical for us to spend oodles of dough on seasonal decor. So, I decided to buy (affordable) pieces that were lovely enough to feel festive, but versatile enough to use year-round, and I also shopped around the house to put use to what we already owned. And this is what I came up with: 

Gold Charger Plates | Black and Gold Candlesticks | Wood Grain Candlesticks No Longer Avalable, Originally from Party Lite |  3 Inch Grapevine Wreaths  | Table Runner from Home Goods | White Table Cloth | White Napkins from Home Goods | Gray Chairs

It's simple and clean, just how I like things. I had planned to do something a little more elaborate, but once I got to this point, it just felt right. I don't want the table to feel fussy and I don't want it to feel crowded. But everything still feels cohesive. The neutrals and metallics feel right at home with the rest of our decor, and the white table cloth and napkins are universal things that I can use over and over and over again. White table wear and our every day flatware kept things low-budget and again, re-usable, but I don't think it looks cheap or like a short cut. One more reason to buy classic items.

The only things I really bought for this table were the gold charger plates ($1 each at the dollar store), the black and gold candlesticks ($5 each on clearance at Target), and the mini grapevine wreaths ($0.79 each at Joann). And let's be honest - those candlesticks are way too cool to put away so I'll be keeping those bad boys around. 

I will have lots of pictures next week to show our serving stations and the rest of our Thanksgiving festivities so keep tuned for that. Happy almost Thanksgiving, y'all! I can almost smell the turkey now.

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