Thanksgiving Menu 2015

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Guys - Thanksgiving is two weeks away from today! Am I the only one that up until right now thought we had like a month until Thanksgiving? Please say yes, that I'm not alone in this. 

Anyway, Thanksgiving is nigh. Yay! And we're hosting my entire family this year! Yay! But also kind of - AH. That's a lot of people and a lot of food and a lot of prep and a lot of stuff to do, all with twin toddlers. So, let's talk Thanksgiving. This is what's going on in my brain. I've got our menu planned, so here's what's going to be going down in the Morris house in a couple of weeks.

We have a challenge this year, though, because my dear sister in law is allergic to dairy. So everything we make is going to be dairy free this year. It's going to be a little harder but hey - it's worth it. She's worth it. So dairy free Thanksgiving it is! 

P.S. We'll be replacing butter in dishes with coconut oil or vegetable oil or olive oil. But all recipes are cream, milk, and otherwise dairy free.

For the Turkey:

Alton Brown's Brined Turkey Recipe. This is Food Network's most popular recipe - ever. And we're huge fans of Good Eats around here so it's a no brainer that this is bird is going to be going on our table. 

For the Sides:

For Dessert:

My sister in law is taking on the pecan pie and the apple pies, but I'll be making the pumpkin pie and taking care of the dairy free crusts. 

And I'll be making traditional whipped cream as well as a coconut whipped cream as a dairy-free alternative. 

We'll have red and white wine, pitchers of water for the table, self-serve spiced apple cider, and beer. 

Oh - and I have found this timing guide very helpful in making sure I am keeping everything on track on Thanksgiving Day. So much to keep track of! Although I'm thinking as long as I have the Keurig on and the wine chilling, somehow things will work out. ;)

I'll be back next week with our table setting plans! I'm still gathering supplies, but I think it'll look great and I'm doing it on as low a budget as I can manage - we have Christmas gifts to buy!

What is on your menu for this year? We've always done the traditional same recipes every year, but I really want to change it up this year and put a new take on old classics. Sara-fy Thanksgiving if you will. Are you a traditional type person or do you change things up? My brother pushes for smoked brisket every single year... perhaps next year we'll make that?

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