Snacks for the Littles

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Snacks save my sanity sometimes with the boys. Need to get through the store with little fuss? Snacks. Family photos? Snacks. The restaurant is backed up and the boys are hungry? Snacks, snacks, snacks. And besides that, the boys usually have both a mid-morning and mid-afternoon snack in between meals Nothing big, just something to tide them over until the next mealtime. 

So, today, let's talk snacks. These are some of our favs, and some of our favorite ways to serve them. 

In our snacks cups.

Firstly - let's talk snack cups. The ones with the flimsy silicone lids do not work for us. They never have. Jude figured out that lid came off at about 9 months old and Wyatt figured out that if you hold the flap down and flip it upside down, it all pours on the floor. So I had given up on snack cups. But then I discovered these little gems from Oxo. They're the bomb dot com. The lid screws on, there's a travel lid so your diaper bag doesn't end up with a sea of goldfish at the bottom, and the top is much sturdier than any others I've found which makes them a bit more of a challenge to use, but not so much that Jude and Wyatt get frustrated.

Obviously, these are great for things like Cheerios and Goldfish. And there's absolutely nothing wrong with those things. But sometimes, in an effort to add a little more variety, I'll put different fun finger foods in the cups.

We like things like

  • roasted chick peas
  • roasted edamame
  • dried fruit like cranberries, raisins, pineapple, etc (found in the bulk section at our local Sprouts)
  • softer nuts like pecans (if your kid has molars to chew with)
  • fruit chips (like apples or bananas)
  • granola
  • yogurt dots
  • cheese cubes

The possibilities are endless!

We also love pouches over here. I sometimes make my own with yogurt and fruit that needs to be used up, or we buy the Kirkland brand applesauce pouches at Costco. You can see here how we make our own here using the Infantino Squeeze Station which we're still really big fans of. 

Also, if you have over-ripe bananas, you can make 2-ingredient oatmeal banana bites. The boys LOVE these and think they're cookies. All it is is one ripe banana to 1-1 1/4 c oats, baked at 350 degrees for about 20 minutes. Easy peasy.

We also love things like Fig Bars and string cheese (which we buy at Costco), granola bars (homemade and store bought), bell peppers, and protein snack bites (like these).

Raw fruits like clementines, apples, strawberries, peaches....basically anything, are also a hit but those tend to be high-chair only snacks to avoid having that mess end up all over the house. 

That's what we're serving at snack time around these parts. I'm always open to new suggestions, and I'm sure other readers are, too! What do your toddlers love to snack on? 

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