Organizing a Shared Kids' Space

Jude and Wyatt share a room, obviously. And because they're twins, you'd assume they share clothes, too. But, uhm. No. I mean, sometimes, rarely, but sometimes, things fit them both. But Jude is a good 4 lbs heavier than Wyatt, over an inch taller, and they're both built completely differently. So, we basically have two sets of clothing, with some things that can be worn by either kid, all in one pretty tiny bedroom. After getting a little tired of having to sift through every single pair of toddler pants we own looking for one to fit Jude, I did a smidge of organizing and got everything in order.

It's nothing fancy, but these projects are the ones us moms need. Things we can do quickly, for little money, that make our lives easier. 

First up - the closet. All of the boys' shirts + jackets get hung. Everything else goes in their dresser, but they have a LOT of clothes. I briefly contemplated giving them each their own side of the closet or even installing a double rack, but because there are a couple things they can both wear, I needed to group like things together, while separating them by kid. So, I used some closet dividers and my trusty label maker to designate the kid, and then grouped like items together. 

It goes: Jude's Tanks | Wyatt's Tanks | Jude's Short Sleeved | Both Short Sleeved | Wyatt Short Sleeved | Jude Long Sleeve | Both Long Sleeve | Wyatt Long Sleeve | Jude Jackets | Wyatt Jackets.

All of the labels face both ways so no matter where you are in the closet, you can see which section is which.

For their dresser, each kid has an assigned side. Because Wyatt's crib is on the left side of the room, he's on the left, and Jude on the right for the same reason. 

They each have their own drawer for pants/bottoms and shoes. For pants, I labeled the top of the drawer so that it's obvious where things go, but the label is hidden when the drawer is closed. And I also put in a drawer divider to keep sweats separate from jeans/khakis.

They share a pajama drawer, so I have a drawer divider to keep them separate and labels the same as before, on the top of the drawer. I try to fold them to approximately the same size so I can stack them in the drawer like files. It makes them fit a lot better and that way I can find specific sets when I need them. 

In their dresser, we also have a drawer for diapers when we're changing them, and then there's a drawer for seasonal wear. In the summer it keeps swim wear, this time of year we're keeping hats and mittens.

And that's how we store their clothes - it's probably the simplest system ever, but it keeps everything organized and it's very maintainable. 

Something else that's a huge help is our crib drawers. Even if you don't have a drawer underneath your crib, you could totally put low profile bins underneath that would allow for storage. But that's where we keep all crib linens (in one) and the other holds all diapers that are in packages, but out of the box, and extra wipes. Which reminds me... I need to order wipes!

I hope this helps! It's certainly an easy system to set up and it's working great for us! Tell us - what works great for you when organizing kids spaces, shared or not?

I hope you have an amazing weekend! 


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