DIY Herb Sachets + Three Uses

Lovely smells make my day so much better. I love having a candle burning or wax melting, the smell of fresh laundry on laundry day, and the smell of the backyard garden when I walk by. But most of the products on store shelves to make things smell lovely are not only expensive, but a lot of them are full of chemicals that aren't great for the environment or our families. So, I grabbed a couple supplies and made some cute (and crazy simple) sachets and now my house smells lovely without chemicals and for only the price of the herbs.

I should note - I bought the lavender I used because I didn't have any in my garden, but as you're drying summer herbs, this is a great way to use them up.

To make the sachets (which was reallllly east, b-t-dubs), I used some scrap fabric I had laying around.

I cut 5, 6"x12" rectangles to make 5, 6" square sachets. I wouldn't go much larger than this, but you can make whatever size you want. I made some a couple of weeks ago for my friend that were about 2x3 which are perfect to stashing in your purse, your gym bag, or inside a small drawer. 

I folded it in half...

Then I just sewed up two sides, while it was inside out. If you have individual squares, sew up three to make a little pocket. 

Then turn it inside out and fill.

hen, just fold the top in a little bit to make a clean edge, and sew it up.

See? Easy peasy. Now what to do with my lovely smelling little friends? I ended up putting one in a dresser drawer, like you normally would with sachets. 

I stashed one in the cabinet with our extra set of sheets (can't wait for sheet day, let me tell you!).

Then I put one under the driver's seat of my car. Wayyyy better than a hanging pine tree on the rear view mirror.

And the last place I put it, is BY FAR my favorite and I'm upset I didn't think of it sooner. We don't use traditional fabric softener, just vinegar in the wash. And we don't use dryer sheets. So I threw one in with the last load of laundry in the dryer. Not only does my entire laundry room and hallway smell like lavender now, so does the entire whites load. This is the best idea ever, and it can be used over and over and over again! This takes fresh laundry to a whole new level of amazing.

I love making things like this, that are inexpensive, time effective (all five took me about 15 minutes to sew up), and move us one step closer to greener living. Also, these make great gifts. I might stick one or two in everyone's stocking this year! 

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