How to Clean Your Entire Kitchen in 30 Minutes

Yeah - thirty minutes. Y'all, we don't have time. None of us. We don't have time to do, um anything. And so often, deep cleaning the house gets pushed to the wayside and we just do what we have to do get by and not scare our mothers when they come over. But no more, I say! The kitchen gets maybe more use than any other room in our homes.

I have devised a fool proof plan to get the kitchen clean, top to bottom, in thirty minutes - and it uses my handy dandy Kitchen Caddy to git 'er done. Having everything I need to get the kitchen done makes the process streamlined and much faster.

Now, this isn't a leisurely thirty minutes, where you can get distracted by Instagram halfway through, or stop to watch Ellen then come back to it.. This is time to put your phone down, avoid any distractions, and get the kitchen done. If you can do that, then in 30 minutes, I promise your kitchen will be sparkling. Also, I don't include tidying up the counters or anything in this, so that might add a couple minutes to your thirty if you have to do it.

Okay - let's begin.

Minutes 0-3: Fridge

Clean out the fridge quickly. Get rid of any past-prime leftovers, and wipe down any visibly dirty spots.

Minutes 4-9: Unload and Load the Dishwasher

Do this after the fridge so any food containers can be put in the dishwasher. 

Minutes 10-15: Microwave, Dish Sponge, Cabinet Fronts, Outside of Large Appliances

Put a bowl of water in the microwave, along with your dish sponge, in the microwave and microwave it on high for 4 minutes. This steams your microwave to make it easily wiped down, and disinfects your dish sponge simultaneously. After it's done, let it stand one minute so you don't burn yourself.

While the microwave is running, start at the entrance to your kitchen or the furthest left cabinet. Use an all-purpose cleaner to get any obvious stains off of your cabinet fronts. Whenever you reach your appliances, wipe down the fronts using a stainless steel cleaner if applicable, or your all purpose cleaner otherwise. Also wipe down any glass screens/windows on appliances with a glass cleaner. Don't worry about the stove top just yet. You'll get there.

Step 3: Remove the sponge and bowl of water from the microwave (keep this - you're going to need it!), and wipe clean the inside of the microwave. It should all wipe away with no scrubbing required.

Minutes 16-19: Counters, Small appliances, Stove top

Step 1: Sprinkle baking soda on your cook top, and using the hot water from the microwave, make a paste and use a non-scratch scrub pad to remove any cooked on grime from your cook top. Leave the paste to sit until you come around the kitchen to it. If you have a gas cooktop, or an electric range with coils, you can still use this method, just be wary of the burners.

Step 2: Spray down all of your counters first with all purpose cleaner, without wiping, starting at the entrance and working clockwise. Then go back to the beginning, and wipe down the counters, underneath anything on the counter and also wiping down small appliances along the way.

Step 3: When you get to the cook top, wipe off the baking soda paste and follow up with a glass cleaner.

Minutes 20-21: Sink, Faucet, and Drain

Scrub down the inside of the sink, the faucet, and the drain. Poor baking soda down the drain, turn on the disposal for a second, then rinse with vinegar.

Minutes 22-24: Table, Base, Chairs, and Stools

Wipe down from top to bottom your table, dining chairs, and table legs/base. Lint roll any fabric chair covers or quickly vacuum if that's more effective. 

 Minutes 25-28: High Chairs

Wipe down the high chairs, top to bottom. Wipe the harness and buckle, throw the seat cover in the wash if applicable, wipe under the cushions, the base, the legs. Everything. 

Minutes 29-30: Anything else

 Quickly wipe down any other furniture, knick-knacks, or other randoms you may have floating around, including wiping down the outside of the trash can. This is also a good time to do a quick sweep up of anything that landed on the floor as you were cleaning.  

And remember to clean up as you go throughout the week. Any big spills in the oven should be cleaned up right away, always wipe down the counters at the end of the day, and always do all of the dishes before you go to bed!

Now - light a candle (my favorite thing to do after I've finished the kitchen), grab yourself a cuppa and sit. And maybe ban all children/husbands/dogs/cats/yourself from the space for a few hours. :D


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