2 Days in Houston

There are definitely perks to this blog. Not only does it allow me to connect to all of you, but it's allowed me to meet some of the most amazing people and make some wonderful friends. Included in that bunch are the girls over at Moms Without Answers, the other blog I contribute to. Last weekend, I got the chance to go down to Houston for a Contributor's Weekend for 48 hours full of friends, fun, food, photographs, a little bit of blogging, and more.

I was lucky enough to be able to steal away for a weekend from Tomas and the boys so I could spend a weekend solo. I missed them a ton, but I needed the break just as much and I had a blast with those girls in Houston. 3 of us came in from out of town to meet 4 others who live there. It's funny because even though this was the first time I was meeting all of them in person, it was like I was getting together with old friends that I'd known forever. There was no "nice to meet you." It was all love, all hugs, all laughs, and all good friends. These girls made me feel so welcome, even though the Houston heat was almost more than my Pacific Northwest dwelling self could bear. The weekend just flew by, and I am still catching up on sleep, but I am so glad I went for so many reasons.

Where We Stayed

We stayed at the Royal Sonesta Houston Galleria which was a beautiful hotel. The staff was friendly, the beds were comfy, and the bar made delicious cocktails. ;)

It was really close to so many fun places in Houston, including about a million places to shop and eat, both of which we indulged in plenty.

Building Image Via

What We Did

Officially, I was there on blogging business, but that doesn't mean we didn't have plenty of fun as well. We hit the Nordstrom sale (how could a group of women resist! It called to us!), worked on blogging things (all the Pinterest! All the photo help!)

But my absolute favorite thing we did was our photo shoot at the Sugar and Cloth Color Wall with the most amazing Faison Ann Photography, our MWOA resident photographer who is UH-MAZING. 

I mean, seriously... how freaking adorable are these girls? And how cool is that wall? Makes me want to paint the outside of the house the same way. Kidding... kind of.

Color Wall Photos Courtesy of Faison Anne Photography

Where We Ate

If nothing else, we sure did eat. We spent so much of our time in Houston eating only the most delicious of meals. Everything from tacos + margs (my first stop after stepping off the plane), to traditional southern food, tons (and tons and tons) of sweet treats, and lots of pre-meal (and mid-meal, and post-meal) photo shoots. It was every bloggers dream, guys. 

Literally every single meal was delicious. Seriously - they were all simply scrumptious. 

And to top it all off, we came home with some amazing gifts including this amazing custom necklace from A. Tak Crafts and this Tula Hydrating Mist (a life-saver in that Texas heat, y'all!)

But if I'm being completely honest, and forgive me for getting a little sentimental here, The best part wasn't the blogging, or the shopping, or even the delicious food. See... there's a real struggle being a mom blogger. Being a mom altogether, and adding in a "lifestyle" blog to maintain. I've spent a great deal of time wondering about this blog and where it fits into my life, if it's worth my time... especially since I seem to be fighting for the time to maintain it while also being a full-time stay at home mom. I went into the weekend looking for a break with some girlfriends, needing a change of scenery, I guess. And I most definitely got all of that. But even more so, I got to spend time doing something besides Momming. I wasn't fighting for time to do things I love. Of course I love motherhood and staying home with my boys. But there is something so revitalizing in celebrating the parts of you that aren't "mom" and exercising your brain and your creativity, and being appreciated for who you are, and being built up for those things. It reminded me why I blog, why I take photographs, why I work so hard on both of those things.. because I love it. And because I want to pay tribute to all that I am and all that I do, both within and outside of motherhood. 

Huge, huge, huge thanks to Channing and Michelle of Moms Without Answers for an incredible weekend, all the hook ups, and all the fun. And also for having me on as a contributor - it's been really amazing. 

Huge thanks to Faison for the wonderful photos from the weekend. (Many, many of these photos came from her lens, and I bow down to her talent!).

And more still to the other contributors who made my weekend in Houston so outstanding: Elly (Uptown with Elly Brown), Jessica (Thoughtfully Styled), Jess (Being Mrs. Beer), Faison (Faison Anne + Faison Anne Photography).