10 Ways to Make Valentine's Day Awesome

Confession? I've fallen a little bit out of love with the holiday of love. I mean, I love the idea of Valentine's Day but it has felt less like a holiday to celebrate love and more like a holiday to buy chocolate and flowers, which let's be real - I need no holiday to buy all the chocolate and all the flowers. What I'm saying, is that I'm trying to rekindle a healthy relationship with Valentine's Day and make it a special opportunity to really celebrate being in love. So as I'm brainstorming how we might, in this house, find the love this February 14th, I thought I might not be the only one who could use a V-day boost with 10 Ways to Make Valentine's Day Awesome. (Cause if we're talking love, I just can't do it without my first love - lists.)

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1. Date your spouse! Tomas and I have committed to at least one date night out of the house per month and we set Friday nights aside to just hang and talk and have at-home dates. We love things like Date Box Club because it gives us an opportunity to have an out of the oridinary at home date night and try something we might not have otherwise. It would be such a great gift to give for Valentine's Day this year to rekindle the love so that Valentine's Day doesn't feel so out of the ordinary. 

We loved this December's Date Box Club date - we got to have some friendly competition and make some adorable little reindeer treats. And if you're interested in trying it for yourself, click here to sign up!

And Psssst. There might be a little giveaway on Insta later so be sure to check back there!

2. Decorate.We did just take down the Christmas decor so I'm not in a big hurry to put holiday stuff up again, but I think here in a couple weeks I'll hang some fun garland on the fireplace, maybe add a heart pillow to the sofa, and maybe a couple knick knacks in the kitchen. Decorating is always a fun thing for any holiday and it never fails to get me in the spirit. 

3. Include the kids. I know Valentine's Day is supposedly about your one and only, but let's face it - kids made any holiday 10 times better. I'm making the boys some fun Valentine's themed wear, and planning a couple crafts to send to grandparents. It doesn't have to be big, but they love to celebrate things and I want to include them. After all, I really really love them too. 

4. Un-include the kids. I know what I just said, but sometimes it's worth it to leave the kids with a sitter and just be you and your husband, like you were before kids except more tired. And you're paying someone for that alone time. All I mean is, don't let everything become about the kids. It's important to make a conscious choice to just be you two once in a while since, well, in 15-20 years, you'll be back to just being you two again. 

5. Send love to friends and family. I love the idea of sending happy Valentine's Mail. I'm thinking some homemade chocolate truffle packages, handmade cards, and maybe even a couple small little handmade gifts or candles. Just small somethings to say "Hey, I love you! Happy Valentine's Day!" 

6. Make a tradition. As with any other holiday, I think traditions do a family good. I'm not sure what we'll start working into our family traditions this year for Valentine's Day but maybe a family walk, or making chocolate goodies together or something.

7. Break the ordinary. That being said, don't get so set up in your traditions that it becomes boring. Do something fun, something different! Break the dinner and drinks routine and go dancing, a cooking class, or shopping together instead. 

8. Think outside the box (gift box, that is). I'm always a big fan of giving non-traditional gifts. I mean, I'll happily take the flowers and chocolates. But a big gesture of jewelry or something like that isn't really my cup of tea. A fun experience, like a couples spa appointment or a Sip+Paint class would be much more meaningful to me and I think it's a way to keep Valentine's fresh. 

9. Lighten it up. As drastically important as love and relationships are, I think sometimes we put too much weight on Valentine's Day. I think maybe if we stop expecting perfection and absolute romanticism, I think we can bond a little more. Relax and just enjoy each other's company and celebrate the love we have for each other instead of worry over small details, candle lit dinners, and big gestures.

10. Do something meaningful. Again - put the big gestures to the wayside. Something like a heartfelt letter, notes wherever your partner frequents throughout the day, something they love but rarely get for themselves. Maybe recreate your first date or look through an old photo album. However you do it, remember the thought really it what counts here. 

Well... looking back at it, I think I just wrote a list of huge contradictions. But I think you understand what I mean here. It's all about balance, right? And all about making the most of these holidays. Spreading the love is something I strive to do every day, so I think if I can change my perspective and get excited about it, Valentine's Day might actually become a new favorite holiday of mine. I mean, there's inherently chocolate involved, right? So it can't be all that bad.

Tell me - how do you make Valantine's Day extra special? Do you do any fun traditions?

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