10 Ways I Use Essential Oils Every Day

Psst - thought you should know, the products pictured in this post were provided by Eden's Garden for my consideration. However, I use these products in my daily life and spend my own money on them so these reviews are 100% real and honest. Also - the links in this post are affiliate links which means you pay the same amount, but I receive a small commission. Thanks for supporting this blog and the brands that make it possible. xoxo

I started using essential oils consistently about a year ago, when on my quest for wax-less smell-good things for my home. Plug-ins always give me headaches and I needed something safe to have around the boys so when I discovered Eden's Garden, I was instantly hooked. I now make regular orders and love love love them because of their quality, reasonable prices, great customer service, and fast shipping. That being said - when I first started using oils, I ordered a ton because I wanted to smell all the things then I was like - uh, what now?

But there's lots of things you can do with essential oils and I just wanted to touch on a few of the ways I use mine every day. And while I love me some Western Medicine and doctor's offices #autoimmuneforlife, I have found a few holistic methods to improve my overall health and everyday well being and I'll explain those here as well. 

Edens Garden How to Use Essential Oils and Diffuse

Diffuser Blends

 I love finding new blends to put in my diffuser, or even throwing pre-blended oils in. My current favorite is a mixture of tangerine and fir balsam. I also like throwing rosemary in there too and it smells so wintery and fresh and warm. If I need the air to smell clean and the house to feel refreshed, Joy is my all time favorite blend to diffuse and I use it tons around the house. I also feel like running the diffuser keeps the air from feeling stuffy, especially when the heater is running and I am wishing for open windows and fresh air. 

If you're looking for diffusers, the one pictured above is this one and I LOVE it. It's $21 and comes with remote and holds enough to diffuse in my house all day. I also have a 150ml size that I use in my home office and by the bed. And this one is a perfect mid-size for a larger room or longer run time without buying the huge 500ml size. 

Skin Treatments

I love essential oils for skin treatments because I can almost always depend on them to not add another reaction into the mix when I try them. I love Tea Tree Oil for acne and blemishes. I use it at night and when I wake up, the blemish is almost always gone. I also add frankincense into my Face routine a few times a week because it helps with inflammation and rosacea. 

Eden's Garden also just introduced their new Hydrosols, and I got the chance to try the Neroli hydrosol. Hydrosols are distilled from the same plants, but it's a different process and a different part of the plant so they sometimes smell a bit different. This spray is great to help with my skin's overall evenness. I use it every time I wash my face alongside my rose spray and it helps so much. It also smells SO freaking good so I like to use it as a linen spray sometimes as well.

I will say - as much as we all love lavender for its calming effects, it's not good for those of us with Rosacea. It can be really irritating to Rosacea so I'd stear clear of using it on your face if you struggle with chronic redness and irritation. 

I also love to add oils to homemade sugar scrubs, either for lips or for body. It makes for awesome gifts too!

Hair Treatments

For my hair though, I love lavender in my hair masks. I use about 2-3 tablespoons of fractionated coconut oil and add 3-4 drops of lavender. I also love coffee essential oils for this because it helps stimulate hair growth as well as Rosemary. I do this once every couple of weeks (usually when I'm also face masking) then jump in the shower and it's a hair rescue during the dry winter months and especially with colored hair 

Edens Garden How to Use Essential Oils and Diffuse

By the way this is the fractionated (i.e. clarified, always a liquid) coconut oil I use and I love it. It's cheap for the size and it lasts forever! 

Anxiety and Sleep

I've mentioned in past posts how I suffer from anxiety. And while it's pretty mild to what it used to be, my biggest hardship with my anxiety, is shutting my brain off, especially when it's time to sleep. I use lavender oil more than any other oil by a long shot because I love it so much. I make it into a roller ball with some fractionated coconut oil to keep in my purse for when I'm out and feeling a little anxious, I use it in a diffuser before bed to sleep, I make it into pillow sprays before bed... you name it, I have used lavender on it. I just love it so much. Eden's Garden also makes a Good Night blend in both a roller ball, a bottle, and now a body oil. I use all three regularly to help go to sleep. The body oil is great for a before-bed massage from the hubs (cause he's the best), and I love the roller ball to use on the nape of my neck. Just the process of caring for myself a little with relaxing oils always helps calm my mind a bit and I always fall asleep easier when I use them. 

Edens Garden How to Use Essential Oils and Diffuse

Mood Booster

This goes along with easing anxiety, but sometimes I have specific needs. If I'm feeling unfocused or sluggish, I love the Good Morning Blend from Edens Garden. It's great in the diffuser or a roller on the nape of my neck.

Eden's Garden sent over three of their new body oils and I have to say - I'm kind of obsessed. The good night, like I mentioned is AMAZING for night time relaxing, and the lemon ginger is my first jolt of brightness in the morning. I don't drink coffee before my barre classes in the mornings, so this is the perfect little pick me up until I can make it to the espresso machine. The rose bergamot is my new signature scent and I'm constantly wearing it as a perfume. 

Edens Garden How to Use Essential Oils and Diffuse

With the Kiddos

It's important to mention that there are safety precautions to take when using essential oils around kids (and pets too)! Just make sure you're doing your research before using them around your babes. That being said, I have a few ways I love to use them with the boys. 

Bath time: I'll drop lavender or the Sleepy Head blend into the bath water and it one - makes it smell lovely, and two helps get them ready for sleep.

When they're sick: The breathe easy blend is like vapo-rub but non-toxic and I can diffuse it in their room when they sleep. It helps so much with congestion. I also love Sniffles and Sneezes and Germ Ease around this time of year.

Outside: I love shoo fly for a bug repellent on the boys. It's obviously DEET free, and much less toxic but it actually works. I make it into a spray and keep it by both doors to the house so they're always covered.


Okay before you eye roll and give yourself a headache (there's an oil for that.. it's called Head Ease and it's a game changer), I know the whole point of essential oils is the smell. The smells I'm talking about here are the stinky smells. Shoes, gym bags, the bathroom... I use essential oils to cover and clean smells everywhere. In the bathroom I sprinkle a couple drops of lemon inside the toilet paper roll to keep it smelling fresh until I clean it, I put a drop or two on cotton balls to throw into bags and shoes, and drop them on cotton sachets to throw into the dryer. 

I make custom little linen sprays and leave them in the guest room for guests to take home as a parting gift.. the list goes on. But anywhere that typically doesn't smell awesome, gets a sprinkling of essential oils a few times a week and it really helps make the house feel less like 3 boys and 2 dogs live here... 


And when I actually have to clean those smelly places, I use them a lot in our cleaning supplies. For our kitchen countertop spray, I just make it in the kitchen instead of buying a store bought product. A couple squirts of dish soap, hot water, a little lemon and rosemary make the best smell to finish any meal.

I add Eden's Garden Cleaning Blend to mop water and it makes the whole house smell extra fresh. I also add that to the alcohol/water mixture I make to clean glass. After the alcohol dissipates, only the essential oil smell is left and it's lovely. 

Edens Garden How to Use Essential Oils and Diffuse


Maybe my favorite way to use Essential Oils is little crafts and gifts that I can make with them. If I need a quick gift and don't have much time to shop, I can always whip up something quick from my craft closet and Essential Oils. Some of my favorites:

  • DIY Candles: combine soy wax, a wick, and drops of your favorite essential oils or blends. Fun to fill vintage teacups or bowls with!
  • DIY Moisture Balm: Combine beeswax and coconut oil with skin calming oils for winter reprieve
  • DIY Shave Oil: A great addition to a pampering basket. My tutorial for that is here
  • DIY drawer sachets: I love to give these as additions to shower gifts. It's a lovely addition to a lingerie drawer for brides or for nursery drawers with new babes. I simply stuff little cotton squares sewn together and add a bottle of my lavender or bee happy to the gift I'm giving. 
Edens Garden How to Use Essential Oils and Diffuse

Whew - okay I think that was 10. If I miscounted, pretend it was for me, okay? 

The point is, guys - there are so many easy little ways to start incorporating Essential Oils into your life without breaking the bank or overhauling how you do everything. I found so many little voids they filled in my day to day and before I knew it, I was reaching for them constantly and making regular orders, gifting them, and making a point to try to replace things with them because it's just easier when they're already in the house and then I don't have to worry about adding more chemicals into the house. 

And good news! There's two ways to get your hands on Eden's Garden Essential Oils.. just click your option below!

Happy Shopping and Happy Oiling. Is that a word? It should be a word... 

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