10 Ideas for Your Next Moms Night In

We moms all need a night out every now and then, an excuse to get out and talk with other adults even if it is about our kids. And while sometimes it's nice to go out, it's also really nice to stay in and have a Moms' Night In. Where everyone can come in all their mom bun and yoga pants glory, and hang out at someone's house and just chill. Because we're all tired and putting on real pants is too much work sometimes, but we still deserve to have adult conversation. 

My group of friends has Moms Nights In at least once every couple of weeks and it's really chill and relaxed and a good way to get to know people. And while wine, snacks, and conversation is all you really need for MNI, who doesn't love a good theme? So I've rounded up a few ideas for your next Moms Night In.

  1. Game Night (Some personal favs - Cards Against Humanity, Game of Things, and Heads Up)
  2. Spa Night - Have everyone bring their favorite face mask, nail polish, etc. Enjoy a friend-icure and a DIY facial with your favorite people. 
  3. Meal Swap - Have everyone make a few freezer meals to swap with each other. I host one of these once a month every month, and it's so nice to make 5 of one thing then not have to cook for a week! 
  4. Craft Night - Have people bring smallish, portable crafts. Things like cards or DIY garlands, small paint projects etc. Everyone gets to actually finish something they've pinned (weird, right?) and it's fun to see where people's talents lie.
  5. Wine and Cheese - Have people bring their favorite wine and cheese pairing! Provide crackers and grapes as the hostess, and you have an upscale MNI - in yoga pants. 
  6. Clothing Exchange - Have everyone clean out their closets and come to swap. Kids clothes, too, if you're up to it. It's like thrifting, but with your friends! It's stuff you'd likely donate anyway, might as well see a friend put it to use.
  7. White Elephant Gift Exchange - I know these are typically for Christmas time, but you could make it themed to any time of year. Cheesy Valentines Things? Beach "Essentials"? or more ambiguous "Fun + Games" or "All Tied Up." These are fun and a good way to see people's humor. 
  8. Movie Night - Who doesn't love Pretty Woman and 15 Gallons of Popcorn? Nobody. That's who.
  9. TV Night - Make it a weekly or bi-weekly event! Invite your favorite girls over and watch This is Us (OMG guys), then do it again next week or every other week!
  10. Moms Morning In - Mimosa it up with some brunch at your house. Make it a potluck so all you have to do is brew some coffee, maybe a few muffins, and make mimosas. It's great to be out without kids in the evenings after they're asleep... it's even better to be out while they're awake. ;) 

Bonus - 11. Get a hotel room - this technically qualifies as a Moms Night Out, but if you just stay in, I'd still call it MNI. It's relatively inexpensive to split a hotel room, and how nice would it be to order in a whole bunch of Chinese Food and Pizza, and just relax. No clean up to do, no kids to tend to if they wake up - just one night away, with your friends, in the most chill way possible. 

I hope you try one or two of these out the next time you and your girlfriends have a Moms Night In. And if you've never hosted, do it! I love having friends over, and just know that they're other moms so if your house isn't perfect or if you're tired, or if your kid is still up all the time, they get it. Happy Friday! Have some fun this weekend, hopefully a little you time, and maybe plan a Moms Night!