Dining Al Fresco with Charles Smith Wines

I just want to soak in as much of the summer as possible so we take any excuse we can to dine al fresco, usually with yummy grilled food and maybe a glass of chilled wine. What I don’t love though? Toting my entire kitchen in and out with every meal. So, being the lover I am of any kind of kit, I decided to throw one together to make dining al fresco, super-o easy-o.

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Bringing Puppy Home

Gatsby is still very much a puppy but we have gotten a really good routine down, he's completely potty trained, and we really feel like he's part of the family. So I thought maybe today I could lend some advice to those of you who might be thinking about adding a furry member to the family. 

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10 Ideas for Your Next Moms Night In

My group of friends has Moms Nights In at least once every couple of weeks and it's really chill and relaxed and a good way to get to know people. And while wine, snacks, and conversation is all you really need for MNI, who doesn't love a good theme? So I've rounded up a few ideas for your next Moms Night In.

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