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I'm a lifestyle photographer in the Seattle area, a mom to twin boys, married to my middle school sweetheart, and consider my dogs part of the family. And we're all here fixing up our very own fixer on the lake. 

Sara Dear is a project I started kind of as a Newlywed blog when my husband and I bought our first house. It has since chronicled our lives in four houses and two states over six years of marriage, through two kids and lots and lots of life happenings. 

While it's encompassed many topics and I've written about a lot here, my favorite thing is making home. Homemaking, for me, has been a fine balancing act - owning who we are as a family and making sure we're doing what works for us and how we want to live our lives. It's about making a home where we can make memories, relax, work some, play more, and just enjoy this sweet, sweet life. 

Here you'll find favorite recipes, simple and easy DIYs, ways I simplify my busy life and how you can too, a sprinkling of travel here and there, and the chronicles of turning our 1970s blank slate lake house into one really cool home for our really cool family. (#biased) 

I'm a passionate lady. When I do things, I do them all the way. I drink a lot of coffee, I love really hard, I think breakfast food is the bestest food, spend a good portion of my day singing, and I'm so freaking excited you're here. 

From our home to yours - welcome!

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